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Grineer Glaive Unit Near Total Disarmament


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Was testing out the reworked Excalibur in the Keeler node on Saturn. Basically, the Drahk (is that right?) Master is able to cause a nuisance and disarm the Tenno. Cheesy, but alright. However, I was unable to pick up my weapons (Loadout was Paris Prime, Tysis, and Dragon Nikana) during one of several encounters with the mob. It didn't reset my tysis completely, but only for that session after losing it to the new mob it was unranked as I picked it back up and was duplicating after each successive pickup (Multiple Tysi littered a small chunk of the tile). Furthermore, I was also unable to retrieve my Paris Prime as well during this bug and was forced to extract after being relegated to a lv 10 Dragon Nikana on a newly forma'd warframe. My items and everything are still intact.



Edit: Game just crashed and continued to "run" in the background of my pc. (Happened after trying to initiate into Syndcates: Arbiter of Hexis and Cephalon Suda)

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