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How Do Syndicate Purchases Work



so you join a syndicate by purchasing the first rank for 10.000 credits. Then you requip it and fight until you have 5000 points, so you can buy the next rank for 300.000 credits.
But the items in the store, what do you use to purchase them? credits too? syndicate points? Because for example those packages of 5 T4 keys, can you just buy unlimited of them if its for credits?

Or if you switch to supporting another syndicate and the reputation of your first syndicate drops, do you have to purchase those ranks as well? e.g. the one at 5000 reputation for 300.000 credits?

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yes but do you need to purchase the "ranks" again as well.

e.g. you select a syndicate, you pay 10.000 credits and you get their first sigil. Then at 5000 reputation you buy their 2nd rank for 300.000 credits. If you now make a purchase and drop down to 4500 reputation, do you have to buy that rank again for 300.000 credits if you reach 5000 reputation?

Or once you own a rank (and its sigil) it is yours forever and cant be lost anymore.

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