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Wrong Place, Its Art Just Not Fan Art Did I Goof?


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so ive been working on pushing myself to do a new style on something i love

i love working with photographers and various models for my art

but ive wanted to push myself to use the rawest and barest parts of photo of model

and do more lin work, brush work, colors and all that stuff myself by hand, err by brush in the art programs i have

 i cant draw with my hands, they don't do that"


so here is my first result






im rather proud of it, its my style i did the line work, angles, shading and all that in much more detail and free form then i normally did and really i only kept the eyes as they were and their not 100 percent in the starting form..


i rather enjoyed working with my new brushes and doing the shapes, and angle and strokes freeform was alot of fun if a bit stressful at first


"posts art even on here cuz i cant sleep"



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