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Selling Prime Parts And Mods

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Hello all, I am currently selling a couple of items, which will be listed below. I will not post a price, so you can offer me what you'd like, be it a trade or plat, and I will consider it. I am a pretty fair guy. You can contat me ingame @ Sanjyushi


As for Prime Parts:

Boar P Reciever x 1

Boltor P Stock x 2

Burston Prime Barrel x 1

Burston Prime Stock x 1

Ember P Helm BP x 3

Fang P BP x 1

Frost P Chasis BP x 1

Glaive P. Disc x 2

Hikou P Stars x 1

Latron P Reciever x 1

Latron P Stock x 1

Mag P Chasis BP x 1

Orthos P Blade x 2

Orthos P Handle x 2

Paris P Upper Limb x 1

Rhino P Systems x 1

Sicarus Prime BP x 1

Wrym P BP x 1

Wyrm P Cerebellum x 1



For Mods:

Streamline x 5

Flow x 3

Intensify x 1

Narrow Minded x 1 

Hell's Chamber x 1

Split Chamber x 1

Pistol Ammo Mut. x 1

Iron Phoenix x 1 

Gleaming Talon x 1

Eleventh Storm x 1



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