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Syndicate : Value Shown Is Wrong


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I encountered this issue after yesterday's 15.0.2 patch.

My red veil's point has went to -4.6k while my stand with it shows respected.


My Red Veil's points is suppose to be half of Steel meridian (ally).


Whenever i complete a mission under Steel meridian, the digits in red veil will decrease (since it's negative)


Here's a sreenshot of the error values shown.



Please kindly asssist..

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Same here. I've just joined for my first time, and bum! -6000 :P Forum can't help, but support... Well  they doesn't work at weekend i guess. So you  have to wait till tomorrow. I sugest you to change syndicate for that time

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i have minus now also on arbiters of hexus (or however they are called), i played up to a lill more then 7500


then i bought what is offered and now im on 2.400smth minus


a few things arent really what i wanna have in warframe now, this things are there for hitting continously the "system of rewards" in our brains


anyway, few new things are great, even syndicates arent that bad as well as i really dont like the reward-concept, it eats my time if i follow and for being a bit fast, a lot of time, no more, no less


im asking myself, do i want to run for this high amount of points ? for what ? getting stuff for weapons which im not really interested because i levelled them and sold them allready


this game starts being attractive for 12 year old reward greedy kids ... ok, i stop here about mocking around, because my critic will not change anything in warframe, not a single bit

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