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Weapons Unequpping/disappearing Mid-Game.


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Today, I went to do the Heat Dagger alert, and I put on my Tiberon. When I got into the game, I used it for half the match, then it suddenly disappeared, and I was forced into my secondary weapon. Its not stored on my back either.


After being forced to crawl my way through the match with only my side arm and melee, I got a random message saying "Level up! Rank 1 Tiberon!" as if I was levelling it up, however, my Tiberon is Rank 30.


Very confusing...Pictures to show my Tiberon had disappeared. Notice it is not present on my back.






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a few things are made for being boring ...


should make smth harder or whatever ... who cares, we can choose what is offered or leave, its our free will


nobody in the gaming industry do smth for the customer, NOBODY of them :-)))


thats the unspoken law in gaming industry: slaughter the "$-whales" ... ))))

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I think the new enemy type Drahk Master got your weapon. And there is currently a bug where your weapon is set to lvl 0 if the Drahk Master disarms you(only in the current mission not permanent).


Looks like I won't be playing Grineer missions any more then.

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