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U15 Archwing - Archwing Foundry Bug / Shiny Edo Shoulder Plates


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I found myself looking over and over again, to check how long til my "wings" were ready, and a few minutes ago, there was 5 hours left, and i checked just now, and i got 12 hours left... Got me really pissed off since i can't wait to try the new goodies...


How did that happen?


Has it happened to anyone else?


Maybe i'll rush with platinum, since i buy some every update, but i hope this gets fixed so that it doesn't happen to other people.


                                                         ________                       ________



There is something else i wish to mention, there is an odd shiny texture in the Edo Shoulder Plates when i am at the Dojo, and i found that the water is kinda different too, so maybe it has something to do with that.


I hope i helped.





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