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I haven't introduce myself formaly. My name is SuperRaymusSonicus the III. Warframe collector and formal ranked ten Tenno. I come for you from the Puerto Rican side of the universe. Besides killing Grineer, dismanteling Corpus and clensing Infested I also enjoy long walks on the space. I also wrote lore:




Solider: Ship leaving Earth in the next thirty minutes!

Me: Go Hayden you need to leave.

Hayden: Yes citizen you need to go to the ship while I check for any remaining humans. Now you must go.

He left without knowing who I was. Tenno this is how it all begun.



 It all started when a strange diseases was found in Europe (the country, not the planet). This diseases spread globally around Earth. The diseases affected the brain and killed the human but it kept the nerve system alive. This may sound familiar but no it was not zombies it was way worse this sickness came with unique special abilities. But where had this disease come from? It was the war, Tenno. The war between us and the Sentients. Yes Tenno, us I was part of what was the Orokin. We created this disease to eliminate the Sentients. However it wasn’t enough we needed a real army. My father afraid that his kingdom would be destroyed sends my sister and me to earth. He knew that my sister and I were immune to the diseases. My sister was a newborn and I was twenty. Sooner or later earth had to evacuate, so this was the safest place to be. But my father wanted to win that is why I was send to lead him to the void. My father told me: “Take him to the void, give him the suit and make us proud”. I had to convince anyone to go to the void for they can become grate warriors and they could defeat the Sentients. Unfortunately when I reached ground the capsule my father had send me in had split and my sister was no were in sight. I got out and militaries combatants fighting the infected. Probably half of earth’s population was infected. Immediately I went to a refuge. I needed to act like another scared human. They didn’t want to let me in the refuge but he spoke:

Him: Hey let her in! All human’s stick together.

The guard stood beside like if the man represented authority. This is what I needed someone in charge.

Him: Hello and welcome. What is your name?

Me: My name is Rose.

Him: Hayden Tenno nice to meet you.

I forgot I was acting and I was going to bow down but I stopped. He looked at my fine jewelry and asked if it all was real gold. I said yes and that he could take it but only if he showed me what was going on. He told me to keep it he said it looked pretty on me.

Hayden: Come let show you to headquarters

Me: Thank you your very kind.

We chat until we reached a dark painted room with a white flower on it.

Me: What is it?

Hayden: It’s the Lotus. It kind of was for missions when you see the Lotus that it’s a base.

Me: So like a savior?

Hayden: Exactly like that.

Me: I want to go on a mission!

Hayden: Well I was going to get some supplies. You want to come with?

Me: Yeah! How big is your squad?

Hayden: Well there like one, two… two person on it counting you. Do you have experience in combat? Can you handle a gun?

Me: I can come in handy. Plus I need to find someone.

Hayden: Who?

Me: Just a girl…

Hayden: Is she a relative?

Me: No! But I knew her mom… And I want to make sure she’s safe.

Hayden: Ok then let’s go.

We headed to what looked like the armory. He had various weapons but I raised my arm and gave him my handgun.

Hayden: What is this? I have never seen a weapon with such design.

Me: It’s called the Lato trust me.

We left he had only the Lato I gave to him and I had nothing. All I wanted was to find my sister which I couldn’t tell she was my sister because she would still be in her capsule which contained orokin items if I told them she was my sister I would give myself up and be captured or something. We went to an aboneded laboratory, we needed to find medical supplies. I saw a few of those monster I could not believe my father did this. As we went deeper into the lab a monster grabbed Hayden. The monster bit his arm and it started to swell. He didn’t even scream like if it didn’t hurt. That moment I knew he was the one I needed to show him the secrets of the void. He got up looked at me and I am fine I can’t get infected. He told me to not say anything. We continued our mission to find medication when came across something. In the ceiling there was a hole and a golden sphere lay on the ground. I was so excited for I knew she was my sister. But I acted surprised the whole time.

Me: Let’s go see!

Hayden: Wait we don’t know what…

Me: Looked it opened!

There she was just a small little baby, crying not knowing what was happening.

Me: What do you think her name is?

Hayden: I don’t know what she is.

Me: Lotus! She will be named Lotus! For she is our savior.

I knew her real name but I didn’t want her to have anything to do with our father. He had created this terrible diseases and she was going to fight it. I picked up the shiny gold key that was inside the sphere. I looked at Hayden and the key glowed I teleported the three of us to the void but I made it seemed that the key did it. We found ourselves in a room where a suit was gently placed.

Me: It’s for you Hayden.

Hayden putted on the suit and we all know what happened next.

This is how we got our first but how did the three factions came to be…

Past… 5 minutes before intro…

Me: Hayden we are going to evacuate come with us.

Hayden: I promise I will come with you Rose, but I need to patrol one last time. Take the Lotus to the ship make sure she gets in.

There was a huge line where people were doing to get in to a ship and evacuate Earth. Hayden came towards my lips and kissed me.

Hayden: I love you Rose.

Present thirty minutes till take off:


I had erase Hayden memories. I left the Lotus with some stranger and followed Hayden who was out looking for civilians. As I left I heard a lady saying: “We can’t leave! We need to stay!” She was standing with four men and the lady seemed in her early seventies. We were now far from for the ship and I saw it take off. As Hayden approached what seemed a hill I watched his every move. Then a ship flew in picked him up and went to space. I decided to stay and not follow him. I could have followed him since I know the powers of the void key. But I stood back and stayed in earth. The fall of an Orokin ship announced the victory of the Sentients. However it was not over as the humans will have to face the Sentients. The fallen Orokin ship was a kubrow reproduction lab and that lead to many kubrows settling in Earth. The kubrow’s eventually killed everyone with the diseases. Earth was diseases free. The battle between the Sentients and Earth went through many years. It had passed long time since what occurred in Earth I was twenty due to that my people don’t age and never die of oldness. My sister had problaby reached this age as well. While the battle continued in space something horrible happened in Earth. The people that stayed a few like twenty people had build stuff with old material. They builted their own colony. As for me I stood beside them and I even became their leader since I could calm down the kubrows. I had a scientis who wanted us to reprocreate to have a new Earth. In his madness he made a cloning machine. The scientist lured me into the machine that copied two clones. The machine had copy and old version of me. Then I left that place but remained on Earth. The other people cloned themselves as well. My clones were now leading and were ruthless they wanted an army. They wanted to conquer the world. They kept cloning until there were hundreds but that was not going to be enough. As for the old Earth colony in space well they became corrupt. They found rare stuff in space so the merchants became the richest and the government was a no good thief. My sister led the Tenno the army of the Earth colony. But she decided to take a stand a fight for peace instead of wealth. The Tenno became a group apart from the Earth colony. The noble, poor civilians went with Tenno and were under their protection. The rich and lustful remained as another group and called themselves the Corpus. The bodies of what our society was. They instantly became enemies of the Tenno. They implemented a new language system and new laws. They were now a new age. New people. The people in earth lost their knowledge for their brain was split in half. Except for the two queens (AKA: Rose clones AKA: My clones.) the other one knew nothing. So a new name was giving and they became another faction. And they called themselves the Grineer. Ruthless murders looking for dominion because they simply want to. But as the days pass now there is something more. Something new and shiny. The void, the remaining of my colony. No one can discover our secrets except me and my sister. So go ahead and call yourselves profit but you will never discover our secrets.

The supposed profits…


Everyone who thinks they belong to the Orokin are wrong. The angry, the lustful, the rebellious, etc… They don’t belong to the void. The Stalker is a false. He’s mad about the fall of the Orokin and blames the Tenno for their fall. But I am the only one who knows. I know the Tenno are innocent. Vor does not belong to the void… If he keeps playing with fire he will get burned. Guess who the fire is. Yes I will make everyone bow down to the Tenno. Hayden has gone missing he probably thinks he is the owner of the void. The first one, a god. Well no you will also die at my hands if you think you are god. The syndicates are nothing but ridicules. Fighting for a stupid cause such action discusses me. The Cephalon Suda trying to find are secret. Their well hidden and hard to understand. Red Veil has no hope for anything. New Loka is absurd if they think they can re establish man kind again. The Perrin Sequence usual Corpus all they want is wealth. Arbiters of Hexis don’t know what their saying. Practice and discipline don’t make a warrior a heart those. Steel Meridian is just a fallen kingdom. Is worthless fighting for them fight for truth. Fight for the Lotus.

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