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Archwings- Flying in space is always fun. Looking over the maps I notice a lot of the missions are exterminate, I hope that we will see an expansion of the archwing mission types in the future. I had a difficult time reorienting myself when flying, I hit the boundary of the map, ordis/lotus tells me to turn back or be extracted, but in the heat of the battle, with multiple mobs in pursuit I didn't have a sense of direction to return to. Maybe a marker of some kind at edge of map, like a beacon floating in space and one for center of battle sphere that way the player has some indication of directional sense, while keeping the free floating full openness it has now. I would love to see some form of endless mode, like an excavation style in space among those asteroid fields. 


Syndicates- Great way to give an added sense of purpose to map runs. I like the idea of it all around. Others can bicker about the mods and such, I'm more interested in the spectres and restores. Problem I've noticed so far is reputation gains. I joined the perrin group, have played several syndicate missions, but my perrin reputation says I'm at -2975(approximation)This seems a little odd to me, and I am prevented from purchasing the moa spectres I am eligible for, but due to the negative rep, I am unable to.


New mobs- Always good to see new threats. Seeing grineer dogs running me down the first time was both surprising and amusing, I almost got myself killed in the mission trying to get a good look at them.  Haven't seen other new mobs yet, but I will be on the look out.


Ice tiles- glad those are back, Europa looks great


Really glad to not be getting ability mods in drops, I think that was probably one of the better secondary effects to this update. Having all of the frame abilities is nice, everyone still gets the option of using the powers they want, and modding to accommodate their personal builds, and we get 2 extra slots and more points for mod allocations. 


The new directional leap attack- Love this, it is very versatile and has great height and distance, coptering is still very effective and useful, and I think it adds to the players mobility. 


The new menu on navigation is brilliant. It makes everything feel more accessible in navigation, provides the player with all necessary information upfront and over all has more depth to that element of the UI.

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