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First Archwing Mission, Two Enemy Factions


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after you build the archwing, you have to do this mission that is an extermination first and then turns into a space battle.

During this extermination we had to kill 95 enemies, however at the exit we are only at 91/95 (all enemies were corpus)

so we go back and find that there are these little balls that open up when you go close them, there were five of them in total, each containing a grineer. And killing those grineers made the kill count go up to 95/95 (even though in total we killed 96 enemies).


Also at the end of that mission, when we are waiting at extract, ofcourse the host crashes or leaves or whatever and all progress is lost. No loot, or or quest progress or codex scans or whatever. But when i go back to my arsenal it said my weapon was level 3. However upon starting the mission again, weapon was back to unranked.

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