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There are a few people have experienced themselfs, cant be the only one I guess.


But first: 

Huge FPS drops midgame, probably related to enemies making the whole map continuesly load , running an R9 280x. and have huge FPS drops while it doesnt happen each mission, but only on archwing missions.



Getting stuck in interception missions because you flew against an object (corpus ship part) and get stuck inside it. While soloíng this is a immidiate abort.





Enemies that like to hide in big chunks of (industructable ) rock. Making a mission unfinishable.



Thanks for your time.

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I don't know if this is the right thread, but there are a few problems with the Archwing that are driving me absolutely nutty.


First of all, undefined mission areas.  I've accidentally left countless (>80%) of the exterminate missions because I've accidentally left the mission area, if there isn't an enemy on the radar I go towards the green objective marker, get a warning that I'm going out of the mission area, try to figure out where I'm supposed to go, fail, and get extracted.  This is infuriating.


Second of all, the mission radar is almost useless as it only gives useful formation in one axis. I can tell *roughly* if an enemy is left or right, but the up/down doesn't do me any good as I never know here the "horizon" is.  I get that there is some arbitrary roof and floor of the mission space but that doesn't tell me at any given point which one I am facing.  

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