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Limbo Theorem, Not Working


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I have done the archwing quest.

I bought and built "The Limbo Theorem" item from the market. Claimed it.

Got a message to check my codex for the new quest.

Checked the quest, says to "Check your inbox your a message and a blueprint".


No message and no blueprint. Nothing.


Tried logging out, still nothing.


Edit- nevermind. I didn't click on the "begin" button.

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Heres what you need to do :


Buy LimboTheorm from the market

Craft it claim it

Go to Codex> Quest> Begin your LimboTheorm quest

Go to 1st mission which is gathering 'Proof Fragments' its basically a Archwing Grineer Inerception

Collect all the loot (Proof Fragments)

Go to foundry > Key section > Craft Proof fragment (1min) claim it

Then Ordis will guide you what you need to do next

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