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Clan Emblem Design Contest


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Hi guys, I am a warlord of my clan,TechnoForce and currently looking for someone to design on my clan emblem. Hence, i host a clan emblem contest. I will offer the 110 plat for those who can coe up with the best design.


For those who want to participate, u need to qualify certain things.

1.If u want to show ur design pls put yours at the forum with a background.(i will announce the winner and ask him or   her to put the emblem in my inbox)


2. the img must be original and not copyrighted ( which also means it must not be in game already or disqualify)


3. Theme: ninja theme 


4. size of emblem must be 128x128 and in png file.



I will check on this forum several days later and good luck tenno.

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