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Some More Weapon Ideas...


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Love the game and love the fact that everyone can use every weapon.  Something I would love to see is Warframes having favored weapons.  Such as Excalibur favoring Skanas, Rhino favoring the Hammer, Mag/Staff, etc.


Not granting a huge bonus, maybe +1% to 3% damage, better AoE attacks, +1% to 5% better attack speed, less stamina use, faster charge rates, etc.  Each frame wouldnt get all of these, but maybe 1 or 2 of them and another frame gets something else as its bonus.




On another note I would like to see more skins for weapons, even for your default Skana.


Love to see an Ether Greatblade, Ether Axe, Batons, Claws.  EDIT:  How could I leave it out, Spears, Glaves and Sword/shield(energy shield) combos, energy whips and a cross bow.


I would also love to see some energy weapons and some charge-up type weapons.  Rocket launchers, grenade launchers, consumable items that can be set out like traps.

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If you think of it though, that would partially deny the "freedom of choice" you have. It's like "You can pick all weapons you want, BUT if you pick this you'll be better at it, defo". It's a bit of a bias and limiting choice, in my opinion.

Also, we already have quite a bit of melee weapons right now, in my opinion. Do we really need more? I'd rather see new frames, or ranged weapons especially sidearms. Skins? Yeah, sure. Platinum-only skins I'm up for them, would be a decent way to increase the potential platinum/cash revenue for DE.

We're space ninjas, Starbridge, not soldiers lost in their way to here from Call of Duty. There's not -really- space for rocket launchers and the likes which are, also, technologically inferior to some of the current weaponry (At least that's my opinion).

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Opinion(s) accepted.  I think the Excalibur should be better with Skanas, but having a slight damage boost (2% for instance) doesnt do a whole lot with the Skana but it might mean life or death in an intense battle.  Other frames should have their edge with things too, but maybe thats just me.


As far as your last comment (AndryB94) I am sure space ninjas wouldnt be using heavy assault weapons (Gorgon) or shotguns.  :P  I can see your point, but I have my frames for being ninja and then I have my as much damage as possible frames.

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