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Dod Skins On Weapons Incorrect Colors


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I noticed to 2 things about the Day of the Dead skins, which I absolutely love!

The first thing I noticed was when the skin was applied, any weapon applies, the weapon colors are merged into the skin. Meaning, the Orthos for the example, when the skin is applied, you don't see the intended colors of the skin, but otherwise you see the colors of the Orthos withy he design of the skin. You can go to "Default Color" and it fixes the skin, but if you wanted to go back to your original color before applying the skin, you're out of luck. You're left with the colors of the skin and would have to go back and find the colors you originally had before.

The second thing was on the Soma and Marelok, it was ok on the Orthos, will have to try others later. In the arsenal, the skins appear just fine (after correcting color from mentioned above), in mission they're different. On the Soma, the rifle is correct, but the clip is completely white where it's suppose to be black. Also, the clip animation on the Soma is off when reloading a new clip, but that's a different story. On the Marelok, when the gun is holstered, the main black color is white, so it just looks like an all white gun except the energy (orange) and stock (black). When the sidearm is pulled out and armed, the color is the normal color of skin.

I'll post pics later when I get home, but I hope this makes sense.

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