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Warframe Concept (Time/clocks)


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I apologize if this is awful, I don't tend to post too much stuff.


Currently nameless. Name ideas are: Kronos, Chronos, Uhr, Zeit, and Horologium.

Stat and name suggestions would be awesome!


A fairly tall female warframe that would be pretty noble in the way she stands. Colour scheme of browns and greys, energy being a sort of pale beige or white.



Ability 1- Chronokinesis

The area around the user becomes a field of time distortion where your enemies slow down considerably, allowing you and your allies pick them off with ease.


Ability 2- Currently nameless

Fast forward the time it takes to heal wounds for you and and any nearby allies, causing them to regain health.


Ability 3- Hands of Time

The user weapons are encased in energy that takes the shape of clock hands, increasing the damage they do by double for a short period of time.


Ability 4- Age

the user forces all the enemies in the area to age at an axcessive rate, until they are nothing but dust.


Basic Appearance: (Due to minor changes)


And an inked chibi to make it a little more clear



Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated as I would love to flesh her out more!

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