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[Suggestion] Hijack Mission


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The Grineer have successfully excavated an Orokin artifact and are transporting it to a research facility.  Once there, they will subject the artifact to a battery of tests in an effort to gain lost knowledge and expand their empire's reach.  You must keep this tram/train from reaching its original destination.



This mission would function as a defense archtype on a mobile platform.  At various points throughout the mission, you run into enemies that either board the platform while moving, ride alongside the platform, or come up from behind on another platform in an attempt to attack you and the artifact. 


You must keep the artifact from being destroyed for a number of waves until given the option to end the mission via "switching" the path and extracting.  If you forfeit the switch, you "miss" the junction and continue playing through a harder set of waves.  If the switch is chosen, you see a short clip of your character shooting the switch, the platform changing direction, and your character leaving with the usual ship transport.


Thoughts, comments, suggestions?

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When I first read the title of the thread I was curious, because being able to chase something down and capture it could be very challenging... after reading the concept, I like it, but it was a different direction than I imagined.


This is all to say that I like the concept! The thing is that if the mission had been what I first envisioned, it would be very easy to mess up and auto-fail due to falling behind (if there was no auto progression).


With this idea, the lead in to the mission could still be the capture of a stationary platform, but, I assume, it would start moving once it was activated or something.


It sounds challenging and dynamic.

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