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Limbo Powerset Opens A New Way For Public Group Trolling


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Now I am unfamiliar with the Limbo Warframe, as mine is still cooking, but I just ran a defense alert with one, and, near the end of the last wave, where most players will go around to pick up any mods or other pickups they may have missed, the Limbo in our group started constantly using a power that (from what I understand) put us all out of phase. While in this state, it is impossible to pick up any drops. I try to not assume malice when ignorance can explain, but the players response of "LOL" when asked to stop makes me think the worse.

I can see this becoming a problem if trolls start doing this regularly. players will be more focused on pick ups rather than mission objectives, and it will probably cause the avoidance of any group with a Limbo in it (I know I am hesitant to team with one now, I missed out on a gold mod, and I have no idea what it may have been)


I would suggest, if possible, you have any drops go out of phase with the players to prevent this kind of trolling.

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