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Using Bittorrent For Distribution Of Updates


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Hi everyone,


I am in the process of reinstalling Warframe and it's pretty slow going. I normally get 1Mb/s on my internet link and that's the throughput I normally get when downloading OS updates. But with Warframe, it's 30-40kbps and sometimes, like right now, 3kbps. :(


My PC has been on for almost two days and still about 1.5GBs to go. There has to be a better way. Have you guys looked into distributing updates via bittorrent? You could incorporate the code into the updater/launcher - it's open source as far as I know. That way, new installs as well as updates are faster and uses less bandwidth with DE's ISP.


In the meantime, I guess it's gonna take another day or so to finish downloading for me...


edit: Sorry, this is not the right place. Moving!

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