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Fix To Aesthetic V. Rep Boost Conflict


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In the recent stream, DE stated that they'll make sigils give an increase in rate of reputation gain depending on their price. However, they stated that they didn't want to force players to save up to wear an expensive sigil that they don't even want or think is ugly just to increase reputation gain. Well, if you want to keep the aesthetic purpose but still increase reputation gain:


Well here are two suggestions:


A) Permanent Boost

As of right now, the current mold is for a player to save up reputation heavily so he or she can get the most expensive sigil possible. Then the player would equip it, no matter how ugly it is, and go about farming with a much higher reputation gain rate than normal until he or she gets every mod from the syndicate, disregarding most sigils and only wearing his or her desired sigil until all mods have been purchased. The player would be forced to wear an undesired, allegedly ugly sigil just to increase reputation gain.


What I propose is that, if DE wants to capitalize on aesthetics, have each sigil have a certain reputation gain boost tied to it. When a player buys a new sigil, it gives a permanent reputation boost to the player. It overwrites any LOWER boost that the player already has from previously bought sigil. Once given the permanent boost, the player, under the OWNERSHIP of a high level sigil, can now wear whichever sigil he or she pleases while keeping the boost.


B) Loyalty System - Alternate

Now, there is still the fear that this would be forcing players to save up for the most expensive sigil before buying anything else. In order to eliminate the pressure to buy an unwanted item, one can use something like a Customer Loyalty system. The more reputation a player spends on a certain syndicate, the more the reputation gain is increased(proportionate to the amount spent of course). This is a logical approach to how any organization should work - the more a customer buys from a store, the more discounts he or she is presented to through a form of reward system. This obviously won't be limited to just sigils; as such, buying a Syndicate-specific mod will also increase the reputation boost. This way, there is no need for a player to arbitrarily save up for a super expensive sigil or any other unwanted sigils/mods just to increase reputation gain because the item he or she actually wants will give a boost too. Although this was ensure a much slower rate of increase in reputation gain as opposed to a one-purchase-one-boost thing like the previous suggestion, it makes more sense in the long run.


tl;dr either give a permanent reputation gain boost that's equivalent to the most expensive sigil OWNED, not worn, OR create a customer loyalty system where the more someone spends, the more reputation gain boost they get

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