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The game crash every time


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One day when i was modifying my equipment my game suddenly crushed , Now when i Log in it crash when the Planets in the map appears all the time.

Some Info: when i Open the Launcher after the update bar verify all the Files . tha launcher gime an error about the Evolution engine crash (before press the play button ).


error details:

Assert in PlayerProfileWindows::SaveBatchedFiles(): (file.Open(path, Stream::SM_SAVE, FileStream::BO_INTEL)) [PlayerProfileWindows.cpp:459] in 0000000140024C6E() [????????.???:0]

C:\Users\ULTIMATE\AppData\Local\Warframe\Crashes/2013.\EE.cfg is your Evolution config file.

C:\Users\ULTIMATE\AppData\Local\Warframe\Crashes/2013.\Editor.cfg is your Darkitect config file.

C:\Users\ULTIMATE\AppData\Local\Warframe\Crashes/2013.\EE.dmp is a mini-dump of Warframe's memory space.


I restarted The computer, Reinstalled the game . No one Worked.

Plz if someone can help i will be very pleased . I want to play the Game i'm getting a lot of fun with it

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