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Selling A Lot Of Stuff, Remarkably Arcane Helmets, Stances And Prime Parts

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Well i'll Try to list everything i've got for sale, i suposse someone might need some of it.

The things i'm selling are most likely not "hot" so don't expect archwing rare mods to be listed here, as even i'm trying to get some.

Without further nonesense, i'll make a couple lists, for mods, prime parts, melee stances, and arcane helms, next to their prices.

-Notable Mentions-

-Complete Toxic dual mods set: 40 plat Sold
-Complete Ice dual mods set: 150 plat Sold
-Complete Fire dual mods set: 250 plat Sold
-Complete Electric dual mods set: 350 plat  Sold



-Accelerated Blast: 2 plat
-Arrow ammo mutation: 3 plat
-Barrel Diffusion: 8 plat
-Burdened Magazine: 2 plat
-Coolant Leak: 6 plat
-Corrupt Charge: 5 plat
-Critical Delay: 8 plat
-Energy Channel: 2 plat
-Fired Up: 4 plat
-Hammer Shot: 12 plat
-Handspring: 5 plat
-Heavy Trauma: 6 plat
-Hell's Chamber: 8 plat
-Hunt: 2 plat
-Intensify: 4 plat
-Maligant Force: 12 plat
-Metal Auger: 5 plat
-Natural Talent: 10 plat
-Narrow Minded: 10 plat
-Pistol Ammo Mutation: 3 plat
-Pistol Pestilence: 12 plat
-Power Throw: 2 plat
-Reflex Guard: 2 plat
-Rending Strike: 4 plat
-Retribution: 6 plat
-Rifle Ammo Mutation: 3 plat
-Savagery: 2 plat
-Seeker: 10 plat
-Seeking Force: 10 plat
-Shield Flux: 20 plat
-Shotgun Ammo Mutation: 3 plat
-Shred: 6 plat
-Split Chamber: 10 plat
-Spoiled Strike: 6 plat
-Stabilizer: 4 plat
-Steady Hands: 4 plat
-Streamline: 4 plat
-Sundering Strike: 2 plat
-Sure Footed: 4 plat
-Tainted Shell: 2 plat
-Toxic Barrage: 12 plat
-Undying Will: 4 plat
-Virulent Scourge: 12 plat
-Whirlwind: 6 plat
-Wildfire: 2 plat


-Bleeding Willow: 12 plat
-Cleaving Whirlwind: 10 plat
-Coiling Viper: 8 plat
-Crossing Snakes: 10 plat
-Flailing Branch: 12 plat
-Gemini Cross: 2 plat
-Malicious Raptor: 12 plat
-Swirling Tiger: 6 plat
-Tranquil Cleave: 20 plat

-Prime Parts-

-Bo prime BP 15 plat
-Bo prime Ornament 10 plat
-Boar prime Complete set: 40 plat
-Boltor prime Barrel: 15 plat
-Boltor prime Blueprint: 15 plat
-Boltor prime Stock: 10 plat
-Braton prime Blueprint and Receiver: 5 plat each
-Burston prime Barrel Receiver and Stock: 5 plat each
-Dakra prime Blade and Blueprint: 10 plat each
-Ember prime Helmet: 10 plat
-Ember prime Chasis: 15 plat
-Ember prime Systems: 15 plat
-Fang prime Blades and Blueprint: 10 plat each
-Glaive prime Blade and Disc: 10 plat each
-Latron prime Blueprint Barrel and Stock: 10 plat each
-Lex prime Blueprint and Receiver: 10 plat each
-Mag prime Blueprint Chasis and Systems: 10 plat each
-Nyx prime Blueprint and Helmet: 20 plat each
-Pars prime Complete set: 100 plat, ask for separated parts
-Rhino prime Chasis and Systems: 15 plat each
-Sicarus prime Blueprint and Barrel: 5 plat each

-Arcane Helmets-

-Arcane Essence Loki Helmet: 40 plat Sold
-Arcane Phoenix Ember Helmet: 30 plat Sold
-Arcane Vanguard Rhino Helmet: 100 plat Sold
-Arcane Aura Trinity Helmet: 50 plat Sold
-Arcane Pulse Volt Helmet: 40 plat Sold
-Arcane Reverb Banshee Helmet: 30 plat
-Arcane Squall Frost Helmet: 30 plat
-Arcane Aurora Frost Helmet: 40 plat
-Arcane Coil Mag Helmet: 50 plat
-Arcane Avalon Excalibur Helmet: 40 plat
-Arcane Hemlock Saryn Helmet: 40 plat

*Important Note* I consider myself quite the merchant and i'd love to hear offers on basically everything, discounts for custom bundles, bargaining, etc, i don't mind any, and i encourage you do.

I'm not sure if i will be online right now, so don't hessitate on adding me to ur friend list so u can contact me easier, or directly whisper me.

Thanks for passing by, and good luck fellow tenno.

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