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Cannot Install Mod Because It Is Installed


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I un-equipped my sentinel completely trying to see why I could not install speed trigger on my Opticor.  I even left the equipment screen and went back to my ship interior to see if that would help but nope.  With no sentinel equipped I still get the message that says cannot install "X" because it is already installed on Stinger.  I do have mods on a,b and c for the stinger.  it was my last installed sentinel.  And I have been able to recreate the issue.  I equipped my sweeper and I was able to install the speed trigger.  I re-equipped my stinger and then tried to exit the menu.  I got the message that there was a conflict.  I expected that.  So I un-equipped speed trigger from the opticor and all was good.  I went back into equipment and un-equipped the sentinel that still had speed trigger installed on stinger and then tried to put it on the Opticor and I got the cannot install "X" because it is already installed on Stinger again.  So again, there is no sentinel equipped and the message is still coming.

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