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Archwing Alerts Ideas?


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While talking to my buddies, I came up with an idea.

We have ground alerts, so why not some space alerts? Like ground alerts, these would be random and for a certain Syndicate or Faction. 

For example, a colony under the protection of Steel Meridian comes under attack by a Grineer fleet. A Steel Meridian Fleet moves in to intercept and protect the colony, and they send out an Alert. Tenno who respond would start in a Steel Meridian Carrier, or arrive from out of the battlezone and then fly in.

In the actual battlespace, there would be Fighters defending the Bombers, who would be attacking Frigates which are defending Cruisers, which are in turn defending the 'Flagship', a Carrier or a Battleship. Everything would be shooting each other pretty much.


For these Colony Defense Alerts, an allied fleet would arrive after a certain amount of time, from either the same Syndicate you are working for, or from the allies of the Syndicate. Using the Steel Meridian Colony Defense Alert example, after 10 or so minutes of defending the colony, another Steel Meridian or Red Veil fleet would arrive and then the alert would end after a fierce 2 minute battle concluding with the complete destruction or routing of the attacking Grineer forces. 


Check out my 1 million hours in paint, here's how a Colony Defense Alert would look like I guess, given that the Tenno team responding to the alert doesn't fail.




There could also be Fleet Intercepted Alerts, where a fleet going from one place to another is intercepted by their enemies and sends out an alert. The Tenno respond, and come in to assist. More Exterminate style than defense.


Rewards would be pretty much like ground alerts. Although if the alert is from a Syndicate, standing points would be earned towards that syndicate. Tenno who are neutral or enemies with that Syndicate would earn less credits, but more standing. 



As for the battle themselves, Fighter-class enemies would be most of what chases the Tenno around. The Bombers would be slightly tankier I guess, but they would be trying to focus down the larger ships, with some Fighters escorting Bombers around. 


Frigates would be targeting other Frigates or Cruisers, and their flak defenses would be trying to keep the Fighters/Bombers away. The Tenno would be able to take down specific hardpoints on the larger ships, like turrets, engines, bridge, etc. Although on a Frigate, these would not be very prominent and you could just shoot the hull a lot to destroy the Frigate.


Teams of Frigates would be escorting Cruisers around, which are heavier hitting and have more defenses against same size or larger ships, but at the cost of less flak defense. The Tenno could choose to ignore these Cruisers, or they could hit the hardpoints to make it easier for an allied ship to kill it, they could take out the turrets to decrease its offensive ability, or shield emitters to reduce shield strength, engines to take out mobility, and more.

Cruisers would either be attacking other Cruiser/Frigate groups, or defending the Flagship. The Flagship could either be a Carrier, or a Battleship. Carriers would have a lot of defense, and have hangers that spawn Fighters and Bombers constantly. However, its guns would be just about the same range as the Cruiser. The Battleship however, in addition to normal flagship weapons, would have large long range guns, capable of hitting ships from maybe twice the distance than normal.


Tenno could take out the enemy fleets' offensive Cruiser/Frigate Groups, and then let their allied fleet attack the enemy Capital and defensive Cruiser/Frigate Groups. Or a team of highly skilled Tenno could go straight for the Flagship, disable it enough so that it's not combat enough anymore, then watch the enemy fleet crumble.



Since there's Cruisers and Flagships, more Archwing frames could be included by class. Fighter type would be an all-around sort of thing, interceptor would have less health/shields but be really fast, bomber would be slower, tankier, and have a lot of strong attacks.



What do you guys think?

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