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Warframes' Lore


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Okay, I'm almost 100% sure this idea has been brought up before.


We need want more background lore on the warframes (so like the stories/entries). I got this feeling when I read ember and mag's lore .. you know, that feeling when you read a good book :3


And then I was thinking, "Hey, since DE doesn't wanna write lore, maybe we'll write our own." And so, here I am ... writing lore. Here I go ...




They called it a god.


It certainly seemed like one, its blades meeting no resistance as it cut great swathes through our soldiers, its guns releasing torrents of seemingly endless projectiles. It had caused us enough trouble, killing so many. Amazing what a single thing could do. It had invaded our territory, and I had been tasked to rid ourselves of this annoying pest, as every time we seemed to have it cornered, it would either disappear from beneath our noses, and spirit away, or suddenly experience a burst of energy and fought its way out. However, today was different. I was ready for it, and I hoped that it was exhausted from the days of fighting against us.


Once again, we threw another relentless assault against it. I'll say, it is quite the formidable opponent. And at this moment, I realized I had underestimated it, and our plan had fallen apart. It suddenly began demonstrating abilities that it had not shown before. It disappeared, only to reappear somewhere else, teleporting around. It flashed its blades, and then a sudden pulse of energy blasted, destroying weapons. I quickly snapped out an order to those who could still move to fall back. A badly made move, as it realized we were fleeing, and it finally had the upper hand. Then, it drew its blade, and surprisingly, instead of cutting down those closest to it, it reappeared in front of me, and issued a challenge with its hand.


I smiled grimly, as I drew my rifle, and prepared to fight a god.




Our feet gliding silently along the ground, 

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