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Quick Theory About Why Tenno Are Not Corrupted.


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Short and sweet this one!


The Neural Sentry corrupts everything that doesn't belong in the Tower... or more precisely, everything that is not Orokin. Tenno are (or were) Orokin, and so the system still recognises them as such. It doesn't actually have a choice in the matter - the corrupting system is hardwired not to mess with Orokin.


Stalker mentions the Tenno committed some great act of betrayal. This could mean they turned on the Orokin. When this happened, somebody got the word out that the Tenno were to be considered hostile. The Neural Sentries received this message, but cannot actively engage the Tenno with their Corruption. However, they CAN send people that are already Corrupted after the Tenno to kill them.


This also explains why Corrupted are sent to destroy Tenno life support pods in Defense mode - one could assume that without being able to corrupt them, the Neural Sentry doesn't register the pods as being 'hostile' until they start to power up, at which point the sensors trip and they start hurling their Corrupted into the fight to purge them.

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