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"link Serration/pointblank/hornet Strike" Mods For Damage Abilities.


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Like how Kubrows have Link Health/Shields/Armor, abilities like Shock, Freeze, Fireball, Rhino Charge, Soul Punch, Smite, and Slash Dash could be effected by mods that would, over many ranks, allow abilities to still be a good at killin'. 


Possible Drawbacks for Balance and prevent it from being OP:

* It will take a lot of fusion cores to compete with the likes of Boltor Prime, Grinlock, or Soma. About as long as it it takes to level Hornet Strike and Serration put together.

* You may not be able to use the weapon that is linked.

* the linked weapon will be greatly weakened. 

* The damage output will not link with the damage of the weapon itself. (No ogris power behind chain lightning.)

* The mods rank could gradually decay.

* The mod is rare and only drops from specific bosses, so the Stalker would come for you.

* Ability procs could be lowered.

* You might need to forge the mod with argon crystals and oxium.

* you might need to maintain the mod with argon and oxium.

* you wouldn't be able to use these on ubers. 


Do you think abilities are already useful enough? What drawbacks would you put if you like the idea? Should this go on the back burner? Is this unfair to frames like Loki? What would you add or take away to make it fair?

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Actually, that reminds me that I need to detox my kubrow. Is that still a thing in update 15? I don't remember that in the notes. Then again, my memory sucks and my digital ninja dog, Opal, slips my mind somedays...someweeks...


Anyway, what I'm saying is that I want abilities to kind of keep up with guns and Sword Alone.Volt is my go-to frame and while electric shield surves me well, I'd like Shock to stay (more) relevant. Ideas about buffing things seem to get mercilessly shot down on these forums, in the name of balance, I'd like my idea to go through and the only way that will happen is not buried by curt 'no's. 


I'd rather negotiate the idea than have it dismissed completely, so I'd like ideas on how ability-damage-boosting could be implemented without it being called OP and instantly shut down. 

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TBH, I didn't like the whole "Link" idea that much. The system forces you to take high Shield/HP/Armor 'frames for maximum effectiveness.


To make abilities "depend" on weapons is quite a bad idea. Even more reason to only take top tier weapons and put everything's else in the trash.

And no maintenance/decaying. Got enough with Argon and Kubrow.

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Or, skip all of this weapon linking, and add costly mods to increase the power of abilities?

Or, wait until we get additional Syndicate mods that buff the power in question? It's very possible that we will see additional mods that alter abilities in ways other than what they do now. We may see multiple mods for shock, that are just exclusive and can;t be used together. Instead of it granting a buff to allies, we might see another get added that just flatout boosts its damage.

Seems much more plausible, and far less convoluted to approach it that way.

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