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Phobos Kril Ai And Spawn Location Break


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This has happened to me 5 times in a row. Wish I was kidding.

Problem is thus:


Kril will get stuck in that piece of scenery. This wouldn't be an issue because his AI can unstick himself. However lately his AI has been broken, forcing me to quite a few times till I found out you can trigger him to do his ice slam attack by meleeing him about 30-40 times. This isn't a good thing when I have to wail on the boss to trigger his AI for 2 attacks. Even when he was in his 2nd phase all he did was throw up his fire shields and crouched. I wailed on him some more like before to trigger his AI again but I just had to wait for his shield to remove itself.

I've had some issues with bosses being special and wear propeller beanies but Kril tends to wear a flashing red light on his crash helmet.

Just for the record I've gotten all I need from this fight, yet I'd hate for others to be stuck in this situation I was in.

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I had his AI die on me, too. It happened reliably at the same place in the fight. I killed Vor, then fought Kril. I popped a hose out of him and made him freeze himself once, and on popping the next hose, he stopped moving or attacking or doing anything whatsoever. I pumped a few clips into him and wailed on him for a while, he didn't reset or do any attacks.

Just for the record I needed this guy to unlock Europa (since apparently the planet order changed in U15) since there was a forma alert there and I'd never bothered to unlock the place, so I did need something from him and he screwed me. Complaining over.

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