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Syndicate Sigils, Forbidden To Wear Two? Customization?


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I've some quick feedback on the syndicate sigils, and i really hope DE takes this to heart, i personally think the current state is pretty unreasonable.


As it stands now, we can only wear one sigil. Now this makes some sense, like it would disallow you from wearing one sigil each from two different syndicates which are hostile to each other. (like if you would stick on a Perrin Sequence sigil on your back, and a Steel Meridian sigil on your chest)


However, it makes less sense when you cannot wear two different syndicate sigils that are from syndicates which aren't hostile, for instance a Steel Meridian sigil and a Cephalon Suda sigil. They don't dislike each other, so why not?


It starts being very strange when you cannot wear two different syndicate sigils of allied syndicates either, like a Steel Meridian sigil together with a Red Veil sigil. They're allies! Why would they object?


But the highest breach of logic is when you cannot wear two different sigils of the same syndicate. In other words: You cannot wear a Steel Meridian sigil on your chest, and another Steel Meridian sigil of different type on your back. This blows my mind! They are both from the same source, would the syndicate take offense that you're showing your loyalty too much?


Now i've heard many suggestions as to why this may be; a friend of mine said that a higher-level sigil gives a higher reputation gain, and wearing two would give too much, but as far as i know this has been disproven. Besides if this were the case DE could simply give you the Reputation gain of your highest-level sigil you have equipped.


We have two sigil slots, we should be allowed to use both of them at once, i feel like i wasted 2500 reputation on my second sigil because of this. I didn't think it'd give me extra reputation, i just thought they'd look nice together. (And yes, i know that 2500 reputation isn't exactly a huge amount, but everything counts.)


Now onto my second gripe: I would really enjoy bigger positioning control and size control of my sigils, the first buyable Steel Meridian sigil is absolutely enormous, even at the smallest size possible, i was hoping to wear it on the side of the chest as a badge, but even now it uses up more than half of Oberon's chest, it doesn't look very pleasing to me.


Now of course i know what you're thinking, i could have researched that sigils can't be worn two at a time, but the thought literally didn't occur to me as even being possible, it just seemed utterly impossible so the thought didn't cross my mind.


Now i realize that this feedback didn't turn out so 'quick' but i guess i had more words in me than i knew when i began. I hope i wasn't too abusive or angry with this, but i really want this to be changed, and it really wouldn't be game-changing or destroy balance or anything important, it'd just be nice.


Too Long; Didn't Read: Please let us use both sigil slots at once, to some extent. Please give more customization freedom to sigils, particularly in shrinking them.

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i bet you in future updates when we get more non faction sigils  it won't be an issue in the future  


But i think that you would be hard pressed to find someone that disagrees with u  on the wearing of the same  actions sigils  on your front and your back   

after all the back is for you to see the front is for everyone else 

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