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Trade Post Bug


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That has happened to me once as well with frost prime chassis. Did you have a trade that got disconnected or crached? That is the only time I have experienced it happening. I also submitted a support ticket for it:


Playing on PS4. I have a problem with one prime part in particular. "Frost Prime Chassis" is available in my "Foundry" for construction and also listed in my "Arsenal - Inventory". However it is not listed when I enter the trade system at all. I tried to trade it once but the trade partner disconnected when I called his scam (part swapping) then I got host migrration and was kicked out of his Dojo. I checked my inventory and item was still there so did not think about it anymore. This is the only incident I could think of that could have caused it. Do you have any solution?


Reply was:


Thank you for reporting this bug! I will pass this information along to the rest of the team to look at. Unfortunately we don’t have an immediate solution for this issue, but we will be sure to follow up with you if we have any further questions. To see when this bug gets fixed, please keep an eye on the Update notes posted in the forums.


So I just had to wait it out and after a few updates it was available to trade again.



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