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Scindo Prime Still Xp Locked After Required Mastery Rank



Hey guys the other night I reached mastery rank 3. By that time I was ecstatic because I had the scindo prime full set ready (blade, handle, Bp, 15 orokin cells "the whole shabang" even have a maxed cleaving whirlwind waiting for it). I completed my mastery rank up and sprinted to the foundry to build my new weapon only to find that the scindo prime,which is supposed to be unlocked at mastery rank 3 is still xp locked. I thought maybe I needed to reset my game, so I did. But after several resets and my nightly refresh of trades and revives my dear scindo prime is still xp locked. It is now two days, half a mastery rank and a migraine headache from post hunting later and my weapon is still xp locked. Can someone please please please help me. All I want is to use the scindo prime and it is not working. Has anyone had this problem? Any solutions? I've reset my game and waited days but nothing worked. Help.

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Either wait until you're Rank 4 and try again then or send a detailed ticket to the support, it doesn't seem like you can do anything about this issue on your own. Doesn't seem like a very common problem either...

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