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Archwing Interception Rewards Bugged


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I was trying to get some archwing rewards after the newest patch hit, (15.1.01) (the patchnotes said that archwing mods were added as rewards) but i found something a bit odd with the help of a friend. The archwing interception missions, instead of using intercepts (1,2,3,4) are using waves (5,10,15,20) and this may be why we did not get any archwing mods from the drop tables. Below is a screenshot of what the end of the mission looked like, and this happened 3 times in a row.

(and if i am wrong that it is not rewards, but drop count, please disprove me. the rewards screen is still bugged though.)


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 I had similar issue.In my case I had archwhing mods drops but sometimes i didn't get the last round reward.For example,in your photo u get corvas barrel as last reward.In my case I saw the last reward and after,in the results screen it wasn't there and not even in my inventory,gone,but previous rounds rewards were there.

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