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Unable To Bring Up Main Ui Menu On Esc After Mission


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I can't quite pin down the immediate cause of this bug, but I've performed roughly the same steps and replicated it. I finish a mission, get out of the end-of-mission screen, and everything's fine. I bring up the menu with Esc and check the results of the last mission, navigate to the syndicate rep section, then close it (with Esc). Once I've closed the menu, Esc doesn't do anything, and won't bring up the menu at all. That also means I can't gracefully exit the game, and have to alt-f4 out of it. I can still bring up chat (with "T"), and individual submenus by walking over to their stations in the Liset.

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Also have this bug, looks to be related to viewing the mission results screen.  Using either the exit button or esc to close it causes it.  Also viewing current mission progress inside a mission causes esc to malfunction, leaving one unable to abort if needed.


Starting a new mission or completing the one you are in restores functionality.


Edit: Looks like today's hotfix might have squashed this bug, I'm not having it happen on command anymore.

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