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Vanishing Mission Rewards


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Just ran a 30 minute T1 Survival duo with a clanmate. I was host, my group, my key.


During extraction, the first mission report screen showed the proper mission progress, loot, mods, etc.


After loading back on the Liset though the second mission report screen was not for the Survival I just ran, but the Archwing Interception I'd run before that. (Though the frame it displayed was the frame I took to Survival, not the one I used for Interception.)


I received none of the survival rewards, keys, prime parts, loot, mods, etc including the 3 argon crystals we were farming for. My squadmate received everything correctly.


(Note also that I did not receive a duplicate set of Interception rewards. The Survival rewards simply vanished into the ether.)


This is extremely frustrating as between this, host connection errors, and the Revive=Fail bug I've lost a good 1-2 hours of gameplay in the last day.

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I've been having this exact same problem for a week or more. It doesn't seem consistent. Happens on maybe 3 out of 4 missions I run, although sometimes it's not as frequent and sometimes it's worse. Doesn't matter if I'm host or client, and I can't seem to find any way to reliably reproduce it - but it happens a LOT.

Very frustrating, as I've lost tons of items and the like.


Often, when it happens, the mission complete music doesn't play when the extraction animation is going and mission rewards are first displayed before returning to lobby (but not always).

I put in a support request a few days ago, but the automated confirmation email never arrived in my inbox and I've had no response. :-(


Would LOVE to have a fix for this!

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