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A Question About Invasions



Hello! I'm a pretty new player and I really like this game, but I've got this question about game balance that no one has been able to answer for me.


Why is it that during alerts or invasion missions the game effectively forces the player or group to do a series of short or shortened missions as opposed to like, instead of doing three survival missions for 5 minutes, doing one survival mission for 15 minutes.


Is there a reason for this? Does anyone know if this is a forthcoming thing? It just drives me nuts to jump into a mission for everyone involved to want to do the absolute minimum for the purpose of grind. I feel like there must be a purpose for this that I am just not getting. I understand that the same sort of activity happens when new players are just unlocking nodes and want to bail so they don't get overwhelmed, but it seems like DE chose to incentivise short, repetitive matches instead of allowing players to obtain the same reward for a longer, more challenging match.


So really what I'm asking is, does anyone know if a developer has answered this question? I'm sure it's been asked before. Thanks!

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invasions are always Exterminate missions. to have any other mission type would make no sense, a survival mission while there's an army invading? not happening.


as for the length, i would say it's probably a couple of things but overall it looks like a difficulty balancing requirement. for example i've never had to run Phorid more than 3 times to get his bonus, possibly due to his status as a boss(even if it's a murder fest), compared to the usual 5 missions needed. your standard Invasion Exterminate is a bit easier(for low level players) so requires more runs to acquire the bonus.


importantly, adding length would increase the difficulty out of reach for low level players. imagine merging those 5 missions into one, requiring you to kill what, 1500 enemies? a low level player couldn't achieve that.


as for Alerts, they work differently in that they're not restricted to Exterminate missions, so they can have you run a 10-15 wave defense etc. or higher level Exterminate.

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