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Failed To Join Session One-Way Error.


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So basically to be short.


I have MikroTik router forwarding at NAT Firewall to my PC the Ports and in-game while i analyze it says all systems nominal. I can invite almost everyone without any problem.


I found one person that happened something abnormal. He have everything in order also, but when i invite him:
it says: "Failed to join session." 


He restarted the game, we retried it in diferent days -> No result.


Here is the funny part, he invites me and it works.


So as far as I know hes unique one having this problem with me and I play quite with few randoms.


I asked him to check hes options in "Analyze Network" and it replied All Systems nominal like in my.

Other problem which is kinda bad, when i join him and i put a key like Orokin Derelict Defense(ODD) I enter way to late and it gives mission failed, since the key didn't enter fast enough.


My hard drive is SDD with write/read speeds way over 500mbps so there shouldn't be any problem.

I have 760 gtx 2gb with all maxed out no @#&*ter or lagging, fast entering in any game I host. 

When I join hes game, the first 5 seconds takes like 20 seconds to start the countdown.


Since I studied bit of network protocols like BFG/OSPFv2 and so on... My guess is the packet i send him with request goes and he accepts and allows the packet leave. But when random packet is send by invite hes router or PC is ignoring that packet.


BUT final conclusion, how do I fix so that he can enter my games or I can use keys?

P.S. Dont ask me put 3rd person or 4 person party, i enjoy solo'ing or duo stuff.

P.S. I have forwarded all ports correctly without issues. Everything works fine except this small thing. My internet is 60mbps download 3mbps upload. Hes from Poland and got nice internet connection, since other players also don't have issues in hes games.

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