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Unique Miniboss/deathsquad Ui Tags Are Now Needed


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Warframe has changed a lot, including the UI lately. But it's also gotten really, really 'busy' in terms of what is going on. Death Squads, Stalker lockdowns, etc. With a lot of new content encouraging new players and more team work to survive, the Tenno need a little bit of help keeping track of whats going on.


In the past, events like the Stalker and local attacks had big visual cues that could (questionably) allow Tenno to alert one another to an attack. But with big roving Death Squads and the Stalker frequently locking things down, keeping track of a busy game is a lot harder for casual and new players.


I'd suggest giving Death Squads and Stalkers either an Archwing-style 'Enemy Target' highlight in game, or a Capture-Target styled personalized tag to help alert players to new or incoming threats. This is even more important now that Warframe has so many players that don't speak the same language, but are often on similar servers! For bosses, this isn't a problem since they occur in a specific and obvious 'arena'. But the increase in sudden spawned attackers on Tenno means they need assistance with quick/in-game attacks not vulnerable to the challenges of a language barrier or an already busy game.

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