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List Of Effective Fix Suggestions For Viver


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Keyword: effective.


1.) Change global Interception spawning mechanics.

Right now, the moment someone clears out a group of enemies, they respawn almost instantly in a nearby spawn point with no players nearby. Implement a spawning cooldown - 5, 10 or whatever seconds. Insta-respawning is what makes Viver possible. Remove that and there's no way to make not only Viver, but any Interception mass-farming work again. Affinity gain rates will a bit bigger than for defense, but mass-farming will no longer be possible.


2.) Change the tileset.

This will not completely eliminate the possibility of players finding another setup, but if you're really so dogged about eliminating Viver or making it much harder to farm, then remove the original, small Jupiter-type tileset being used for Viver right now. Cerberus - Pluto is actually pretty balanced since the points are spread far out. Replace Viver with something in that vein.




Now, since Viver-type farming has been globally made impossible/ineffective, you're free to undo the changes to Interception mechanics and Warframes.


Because honestly, they're all bad. I'm not even kidding when i'm saying that this is the worst thing i've ever seen DE do.

Even worse than Arc Traps, because they at least didn't impact everyone and could be avoided. These changes effectively gutted 3 Waframes for normal gameplay.


The Interception tower capture changes in particular have made Archwing Interception missions incredibly tedious.

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Exactly. I don't understand their thought process.

One mission was exploitable for Syndicate rep, given a very specific group with very specific loadouts. One mission. And so they gut 3 of the frames that comprise this very specific group, leaving them hamstrung in all missions, not just the exploitable one. Excalibur is basically back to his position as "useless mascot character," Mag's 2 is basically worthless now, and Trinity is... well, only marginally less useful, given her amazing heals, but needing LoS for her Energy Vampire is just lame.

And then, since that's not enough, they make huge, sweeping changes to the entire gametype that the exploitable mission represents, blind to the fact that these changes, while certainly reducing the capacity for exploitation of that one mission, straight-up ruin certain other missions, which were already difficult to begin with. I'm mostly talking about the Archwing Interception missions here. They tried to make small-map Interceptions more difficult, apparently ignoring the fact that large-map Interceptions would become borderline impossible. Hell, I'd go so far as to say that Uranus' Interception is impossible now, without an insane amount of Energy Restores.


Anyway, all in all, it feels like DE is no longer listening to what their players are saying. We wanted Viver farming to be nerfed, I guess, or at least to be made more fun. We did not want two frames to be nerfed into oblivion, along with a significant nerf to one of the best abilities in the game. We did not want any of this Line-of-Sight stuff, especially since the code for it seems woefully underdeveloped. And I know we didn't want Interception missions to become this unfair.

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