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Dojo Tragedy Plus One Extra


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Me and two friends, let's call them Bob and john, were in their dojo and we were dueling each other. What seemed like  a fun and friendly duel turned into a tragedy. Bob and John were dueling each other and John wasn't able to move and was frozen sitting down, but John was able to do everything normally except that he couldn't down Bob. The next round Bob was mobile and he decided to run away from the battle and ran through the barrier with John chasing after him. After a while John ended going down, we couldn't revive him, and died. Me and Bob tried to recreate the circumstances and it appears that you can cancel another players duel but they will still be dueling and when me and Bob started dueling.... I killed Bob. I became overrun with sorrow and tried to kill myself by dueling myself. I was able to duel myself, but whenever I'd go down it would revive me like it is supposed to. I still feel terrible even today. Also while we were trading with people in the dojo, the host left and when we came back  we had our Birdlifter gear on.

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