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Wts Prime Parts, Bps, Part Bps And Mods

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I'm selling some unmodified MODs and Prime Parts.

If u are interested send me a PM.





Latron Prime BP                 5P


MAG Prime Chassis BP      5P


Boar Prime Receiver          5P


Scindo Prime BP                10P


Rhino Prime Helmet BP       5P




Aura MOD:


Shotgun Scavenger (Rank 4)   5P



Stance MODs:


Iron Pheonix (Rank 2)           12P

Reaping Spiral                        3P



Primary MODs:


Charged Chamber                   5P

Chilling Grasp                          3P

Cryo Rounds                           3P

Eagle Eye                                3P

Speed Trigger                          5P

Serration                                  5P





Handspring                               10P

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