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Mission Select Bug While Mission In Progress


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I've run two missions in the past 3 days where a bug occurs where the game prompts me to accept a mission invite to the mission I'm already in.  It says "Voting on <mission>" like it does on the map screen in the ship.  This started happening recently (again, in the past 3 days or so).  I used PS Share to capture the footage of the events. As soon as I have an opportunity, I'll upload it to youtube and update this post with the link.


However, I wanted to bring this to your attention while it was on my mind.


Note: When it happened to me, it happened to the other players in my squad.

Note 2: The game seemed to play normally, it just had the mission select thing up at the top.

Note 3: This seems to occur when the game lags

Note 4: Accepting or rejecting the mission vote did not clear the error, nor impact the mission in any way.

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