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Floating Ice, Incorrect Stratos, Clipping Console, Respawn Outside


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I found this floating slab of ice when the Asteroid Base tile set was frozen over.



An odd tooltip for Shield Disruption in the loading screen.



When I died in the hallway below me in this room, I hit revive and spawned in the ceiling. I was able to walk right out with no trouble though.



I found this elevator button halfway into a wall with a door that I'm pretty sure is upside-down.


That elevator was immediately after this part, in case you don't recognize it.



And finally, when I put the Stratos emblem on my kubrow, it displays as the basic emblem even though I've done every tactical alert. It shows up as a proper level 3 when I'm in the Liset, but not in missions.


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since a few days the game suffers at some "strange" stuff, i dont know what it is because i dont have a job at DE, i guess its the network in general


data came in, not really all data came in, dataflow in the network seems horribly disturbed ... etc


my 2 cents for ...

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