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[Working Fix] "hold To Coruch" + Roll (Controller Problem)


Hello guys,

as I found out this myself after a fresh system install and re-installing warframe (config files being made anew), there is a very annoying thing going on with controller controls, to be precise with "hold to crouch", when on keyboard binds it works as intended but on controller binds it doesn't, it has double binding crouch + roll, meaning that sliding, coptering and other maneuvers are too impossible to do.

At first thinking this has something to with my end, but no it doesn't.


And here is my temporary fix until DE implements their fix for this:


1 - get a software which can map keyboard buttons to controller, for example I am using JoyToKey, I will not put any links, google will help you on that.


2 - make your controller (which is used for warframe) Jostick 1. - Preferences > Configure Josticks > 2nd tab 

3 - create empty profile. - left bottom has the button for this.

4 - trough it you can check your windows (I don't know for other OSs, but assume the process is the same) controller mappings to find the button number to which your hold to crouch had been/is/needs to be mapped. - Preferences > Configure Josticks > 1st tab 


5 - map to that button keyboard button - ctrl (obviously as it is the default button for hold to crouch on keyboard).

6 - in warframe settings unbind the button you had binded hold to crouch on your controller.

7 - when playing warframe launch JoyToKey (or your software which does the same thing).

8 - enjoy the "hold to crouch" as it was meant to be.


I really hope you get this, and it helps you.

If by any chance you are going to use another software,

then I think the process will be about the same, as only going trough options will be different.


your fellow Tenno - gvidzix

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i  just wish DE would fix it. every time binding "fixes" happen or default keymapping changes happen it ruins my controller settings and i have to reset and remap every single time.


why even let you roll when you tap crouch?  you can do the same if you tap sprint.

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