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Arctic Ursa's Super Bug Dump!/Requests Part 1


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Here's a list of all bugs and issues I have found in warframe as of hammer time patch, some may have been fixed in the patch that I didn't see:

Warframe/Animation Related:

Bo sits on top of the hands during a power swing instead of in the hands on all warframes I have tried (Rhino, Loki, Ash and Excalibur)

There is an animation for characters hopping over a waist high rail that seems to happen randomly.

Ash's Bladestorm can place him inside of walls and out of the map.

Ash's bladestorm can break if he lands on the wrong z position.

Loki can switch teleport himself out of the map in several places, usually higher up in the map.

Weapon Related:

Bronco can get stuck reloading, no idea what causes it

Upgrades to ammunition on bronco do nothing? Possibly adds more bullets per shot.

Furis effect stays in place for a little while after the punch ends, looks choppy

Hammer and Axe do not flinch with light attacks on enemies that swords and daggers do.

Hammer with 50 attack does less per hit on enemy than my cronus when fighting grineer, but bo did more to grineer than both.

Mods that deal multiple types of damage only show one particle.

Mission Related:

Lotus always says something is wrong when a heavy unit appears, why?

Joining a mission after it starts often leads to nothing but mission markers on radar

When capturing a target sometimes the objective marker stays for the rest of the mission.

Lotus says overhaul but we're hacking a system to disable security, why not override?


Guys, I bought founders packages and everything I REALLY REALLY want to see this game succeed. Here's a few requests that I think would help.

1. Give warframes unique upgrade paths so that each warframe is specialized. Its weird that my ash has the same shields, health and energy max as my rhino.

2. Give us some sunlight or something, the ship interior gets really depressing and old after many hours of playing.

3.Make boss battles tough and make the bosses look different. After playing through tons of missions I get to the final boss on pluto which has a picture of a person and its even named pretty interestingly, but when I got to it it was just a small black moa and I beat it in a couple of seconds with just my rifle.


This game is awesome and I want it to go far.

Thanks for your time.


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Bronco can get stuck reloading, no idea what causes it

I've gotten this too, seems like if you interupt the reload when you have no shots remaining it bugs out sometimes

Usually I can get it to fix iby using a skill or swaping weapons back and forth for a bit

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