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Exterminate Mission: Wonky Waypoints


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Just did an exterminate mission in Neptune, Sao. Only done this once so far, but I figure it was annoying enough to post about. Will do another run in a bit and post results of that.

Normally the waypoint markers will point to the nearest target. However this time those WP were only marking the last killed target. So basically telling me 'You've already murdered this robot, good job!' Got down to the last enemy for the exterminate mission and the WP was only marking the last killed I just ended up going room to room all the way to the exit looking for the last target to finish the mission.

No where. Since this is beta I went a head and walked all the way back from the exit point to the start room randomly firing my rifle approximately every 5 seconds, probably about 4-10 times per room. Just incase I missed him the rifle shots should get the last target's attention and hopfully it would fire at me so I could pin it to something. Preferably something explosive.

Still no where. I walk all the way back to the exit again doing the same thing being even more careful now, just about out of rifle ammo and still no target.

Check the WP (call it WP1) get within ~3 meters of it WP1 disappears and it switches to a new location waaay off the minimap (WP2). Once I move farther than ~3 meter WP1 reappears and WP2 is now gone off the minimap.

Very annoying. Had to abandon the mission. Gonna try again now to check it out.

Addition Details

Used Online match making system, but went in early by myself to start it.

Using Volt 'frame with Sicarus, Gorgon and Furax.

Mission Sao on Neptune.

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Had this occur on the first mission of Uranus, as it turned into Exterminate from a Raid/Sabotage start. Down to one enemy left and they were nowhere to be found despite searching everywhere. Waypoints were very erratic.

There were also signs of Infestation on the ship, but no Infested enemies appeared before or after the type change.

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