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Idea For The Mod Selection Screen Ui

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I had an idea for the mod selection UI.

Currently the Screen where we select our mods for slotting into 'frames, sentinels and weapons presents the mods in a big pseudo-sidescrolling list of every allowable, available mod.

Instead, the UI could  show only  one representative mod of each, perhaps of the maximum owned power level, and then upon selecting the Mod. A further ballooned overlay would allow selection of the individual owned power levels, to slot in. It would make that UI part much cleaner.

The only issue I see is this would conflict slightly in a ui fashion if the suggested underclocking idea were implemented, in that the overlay showing all the available powerlevels of mods would really be unnecessary since you could just slot in the minimum mod clock speed of the maximum ranked mod, and then clock it up where it is needed.

Sincerely submitted in tennoness.
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a "show-max-only" button should do the trick, i guess...and the issue you described is gone :D

That isn't really the issue though. I have 6 of each of the rifle mods, 1 for each rank including unranked. I almost all 11 of the mods that have 10 ranks. That is a long list of mods to scroll through to find the right specific mod to dial into. I only want a rank 3 Ammo drum, but want the rank 5 Magazine Warp, but need a Rank 7 Serration.  for Example.  This is to reduce that clutter, make the UI cleaner, but still have all those options easily accessible.

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