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I am not sure if this actually should go into General Feedback or General Bugs or Mission Bugs, but since this only happened while doing missions, so I'm just gonna post it here.

When I joined an existing online session, I (and a few others) were spawned under a platform (or something like that) and were blocked by few poles. It's hard to get out of there and I only got out of there by luck.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that, since the spawn point is always set nearest to the host, sometimes, things like this can happen. I'd suggest if the developers modify the spawn point a little bit so that we will always spawn in the middle of the room so that things like this could be prevented. I lost my chance for the special alert mission since the time ran out when I was stuck under that platform. It is a waste of time. No matter how many times we try, we were still spawned at the same location (as we connect to the same host), since the host was AFK or something at the time, on top of the platform (and we were spawned under him).

I put up a video of it to show what I was talking about:

Hopefully the spawn system will be changed a bit so that this won't happen anymore.

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