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"double Door" Permanently Closed Bug


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The doors that require two tenno to open, sometimes do not open enough to allow players through. I've noticed this especially in games with high latency to the host (everyones' teleporting). 




Because of the nature of the door to only have the "open" animation once, the door is perpetually stuck like that. This is quite game breaking as the extraction point or objective cannot be accessed. I think its a well known issue, but haven't seen any threads dedicated to this (that and I have no idea what to put in search), just hoping to bring this to DE's immediate attention if they are not aware :)

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This happens to me when i Lag the hell out, i cant pass through, and everyone keeps on passing it, i can only get through with my Loki if i use his decoy (at the middle of the door) and switch teleport, its annoying when it happens even in solo :L

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Currently experiencing this problem. Just joined an alert, and instantly I'm stuck in a single room, with all doors either locked, or simply refusing to open at all. I could see enemies walk through it like it wasn't there. After a minute or so, my teammates moved on, and I was left stranded and completely unable to even participate, let alone contribute to the mission.


Now I just have to stand here and wait for my team to finish the mission without me. Because of an unlocked door that won't open. I even tried shooting out a window to induce lockdown. It didn't work.


*edit, several minutes later*


Our objective just changed after my team found the artifact we were looking for. The door still won't open.


A load of enemies just showed up, walking right through the closed door. They seem to know I'm here, but refuse to shoot at me.

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