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Abusing Stamina/Trick for "infinite speed".


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I am not really sure if it is wanted or not, but with a "small trick" you can move "always" faster. All I do is always press "W" + press shift (sprint) + (after 2-3 seconds) space (jump) + ctrl (crouch) which makes me slide in the air and than I land on the ground just for a small second and stand up without any penalty => repeat. With that I can ignore the roll after higher jumps and can cancel the sliding very fast and run again. Stamina doesn't go down to 0. At least I could do that "trick" for running from 1 corner of the entire map into the other without losing any speed. I am not sure if it is wanted but with that I can ignore stamina drop off and be faster than normal "jogging"/running.

So not sure it if it a bug or anything else. Should be fixed or somehow prevented from exploiting in my opinion.

I can make a video if needed but due to beta agreement we are not allowed to make videos...

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Well maybe, I am used to fast button switching so I can do it almost everytime and with that I can prevent from my character making a roll which is a small animation abuse. Also that trick looks cooler that simply running xD Also I am not sure if jumping while sprinting does give you a smaller boost which will result in a greater speed than just sprinting in total.

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