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Wts Bulky Lotus Raksa, Gold/light Brown/grey Colors. Day 2

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Hello fellow tenno.


I'm auctioning off both the imprints for Angelus. I'm going to keep this going until reset on Sunday, May 24.


Please either respond to this post with a bid or just send me a message.



NOTE: Height and Gender are not saved on the genetic template.


Name: Angelus

Breed: Raksa

Build: Bulky

Fur Pattern: Lotus

Colors: Gold, Light Brown/Dusty Brown, Grey.

Eyes: muted Yellow-Green



Bid Increments: 100p


Buy Out: 1500p


Current Offer: 500p (MaimFrame)



Default Colors, Imprint View





Default Colors, Arsenal and Genetic Foundry View





Custom Colors, Arsenal and Genetic Foundry View




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